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What Kudzu Can Do – Preventing Damage To Dry Ponds

August 25, 2016


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These are two short clips (via before and after links) to show the damage that kudzu can do to a dry pond and its full restoration as performed by Dragonfly Pond Works.   When we arrived on the site, located in Charlotte North Carolina, we were greeted with a sea of green leaves…you wouldn’t even know that there is a riser at the bottom of this mess!

Before – Dry Pond with kudzu

KudzuKudzu is a vine native to southeastern Asia.  It climbs, crawls, coils and strangles all other vegetation when it is uncontrolled, and it has found a very hospitable climate here in the southeastern United States.  This now invasive vine was brought here via the Philadelphia Expo in 1876, and intentionally sown in fields 60 years later as a method to control erosion.

It does control erosion by creating a solid mat along open slopes and spaces, which is why you see it on nearly every roadside.  The problem becomes when it climbs shrubs and trees, eventually crowding out and killing all other vegetation in its path by depriving it of sunlight.  As you will see in the short clip, this unmaintained dry pond suffered a long, slow demise as indicated by the age of the trees growing in the basin.

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After – Reinvigorated dry pond

This short clip is the dry pond after the kudzu, shrubs and trees were removed and it has been fully restored.  Although trees are always beneficial, a properly maintained dry pond basin would not have facilitated trees and shrubs in the first place.  There is now a fully functioning riser on the left, and all rip rap drainage and culverts are cleared for optimal, safe and intended function.  The floor of the basin is covered in matting to prevent erosion or soil shifting issues until the grass beneath can grow again and stabilize the bottom of the basin.

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