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Welcome to Dragonfly U

September 23, 2016


At Dragonfly Pond Works, we love to help our clients and our employees succeed with their goals.   For our clients – it’s a clean, healthy pond or lake.  In order to achieve that goal for our clients, we must provide them with well-rounded, experienced employees.  Newly implemented Dragonfly University programs will assist our employees in planning a clear career path and with that experience and knowledge, our clients will benefit also.

The implementation of this program will consist of a traditional educational format – Associates, Bachelors, Masters and PhD, with minors for the purpose of fulfilling experiential requirements.  The degree formats will include knowledge and understanding of internal core processes as well as stormwater terminology and strategies, basic chemistry and biology, job costing, public speaking, teaching and other industry-specific knowledge, skills, and abilities (“KSA”).

So allow us to welcome you to Dragonfly University…long term success begins here!