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Welcome to Charleston, SC – Lowcountry Erosion Solutions

August 30, 2016



They don’t call it Lowcountry for nothing!  Along with cultural and historical significance, South Carolina’s “Lowcountry” earned its title from geographical phenomena also.  Shifting sands down here in Charleston, SC can cause some drainage problems to pop up in ponds, lakes and streams, particularly after hard summer storms.  And what is the number one pollutant in the U.S.?  The answer is sediment!

While sediment doesn’t sound as detrimental as petroleum or phosphorous products found in runoff from parking lots or lawn fertilizers, it is actually the biggest concern affecting our waterways.  So how do we protect against sediment caused by erosion?  Well, there are many methods, but one of the most economical and biological ways is by utilizing nature and natural products designed to combat erosion.

At Dragonfly Pond Works, we utilize coir logs made from coconut fibers and native wetland plants.  We abut the coir logs to the shoreline, backfill with topsoil and plant the surrounding edges with native wetland plants.  Not only does this immediately stop the erosion and sedimentation, it also creates a beautiful shorescape and provides habitat for mosquito-eating dragonflies and fish.  When choosing native plants, there are many different options beyond standard Pickerelweed.  There are actually many types of wetland plants that function well and can provide beautiful colors to the shorescape throughout the majority of the year due to Charleston’s subtropic climate.  Pictured below are Variegated Sweet Flag Iris, Black Knight Canna, and Blue Flag Iris.

Give us a call and let us talk to you about creating a beautiful, functional and inexpensive form of erosion control in Charleston, South Carolina.

Image result for variegated sweet flag iris

Variegated Sweet Flag Iris

Black Knight Canna

Image result for Blue Flag Iris

Blue Flag Iris


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